123Movies Top Alternative Sites To Watch Online

123Movies is the ultimate site when it comes to watch movies online free and TV shows full, without registration or download the file. 123Movies is known as the biggest site for streaming free online TV series and HD movies. So here we are with few 123movies alternative sites to stream for Free anywhere, on any device and just a slow internet connection is more than enough.

My suggestion for 123Movies top Alternative Sites

Before we continue with this short list, we wanted to let you know that this blog post will be updated time to time, and the 123Movies alternative sites will work fast and safe for you.


1. fmovies.run

Fmovies allows you to watch movies and series online for free in HD quality without registration. Even if FMovies has been created many years ago, recently it has been through a little rebranding and the old design has been completely changed with a new and modern one, all the files from the old database have been replaced with new ones in better quality, suitable subtitles have been added everywhere it’s necessary and also we’ve implemented some cool features that are waiting for you to discover them.

One of our principles here at FMovies is to offer better quality content than everyone else in this niche and we think we successfully did it because after our latest update there are tens of thousands of new visitors who are discovering FMovies everyday and who will choose our website to be their main source of movies and series online free.

Lots of fans are loving FMovies because here you get free access to all the latest movies and shows without being necessary to create an account. However, you can still register if you want to use that cool features that we’ve talked about at the beginning of this article but this is not mandatory, you can still watch all the content as a guest.


2. 123movies.movie

We are all tired of intrusive ads that can be now encountered on every single free streaming site. Somehow we can understand the need of the publishers to use so many ads because the costs of keeping a big streaming site online are pretty high, the maintenance had to be done everyday and also that’s expensive and as everything has a cost, the staff behind the majority of the sites collaborate with advertising networks in order to cover their expenses and sometimes make a little profit after they spent 8 hours a day making a site like this to work perfectly.

As we said, we understand this way of thinking but we do not agree with it because it’s unhealthy for this little industry of online streaming. This is the reason why we’ve created 123movies. Being tired of all the advertising, we have decided to create a free streaming site without any ads and we are trying to offer to our visitors the best experience for watching movies online.

It wasn’t really that hard to make all the movies and series from 123Movies to be streamed without pops and ads but this implies lots of costs and we support this from our own pockets right now because we are veterans and old fans of this kind of streaming sites and we want to keep this trend alive for as many years as possible, so everyone can enjoy some entertainment without being necessary to pay an expensive subscription on platforms like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

watch series

3. watchseries.zone

WatchSeries will be your source of movies and series free in HD quality without registration. We are very happy to introduce you the new WatchSeries website, the ultimate platform where you can watch all your favorite productions. Today the internet is full of spam sites which are created only to get some traffic.

This is not the case of WatchSeries because we started this project with some strong principles which we never violate. One of them is to always offer the best quality movies and series that we can possible found. We are never uploading any files with less than HD 720P quality. The only exceptions are the latest released movies which are streamed in CAM quality for a few days until the better version is released.

The second principle is that we think everyone deserves to have free access to the best movies and series for free as long as they already pay for an internet subscription. WatchSeries started as a completely free streaming website and that’s how it will be until the end. We are offering one of the biggest collections of films and tv shows and everything is available without paying a single penny and without creating an account.

123Movies Top Alternative Sites To Watch Online

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